FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the species name for the breed? Bos Indicus or Bos Taurus?

Bos Taurus

What is the mature weight of the male and the mature weight of the female?

Our cows will average approximately 1200# when they are in a 5.5 body condition and they will be frame score 5 & 6.

Our bulls weigh around 2000#.

What are some of the identification features? Is the breed polled? What color is the hair? Do Tarentaise have a tall body, or a short and stocky one?

Tarentaise cattle have black pigment points (hooves, nose, tongue, tip of tail, eyes, etc...) with smooth-short hair. They are long bodied with more of a square head. They are not naturally polled as a breed but we do raise some polled animals. Tarentaise are medium framed and refined boned. Their color ranges from a golden bronze to a deep red. Tarentaise cows are known for their strong maternal influence.

What are the production weaknesses for this breed?

In the mother cows, due to their production potential for milking heavily, a higher plain of nutrition is needed to maintain adequate body condition.

I need to know some exact, down-to-the point facts about Tarentaise cattle. I need to know almost exactly were they came from in France?

Tarentaise Cattle originated in the Savoie Region of the French Alps which is located inland near the Italian and Swiss borders. They are still used as a dairy cow in that region.

Are Tarentaise naturally polled?

No, we have both horned and polled cattle.

My question is how do these cattle do in calving?? Do they have any difficulties or problems??  I have purchased heifers.

It depends on the bull and how well they were matched genetically for calving size. Assuming that is correct, they are excellent calvers. But as heifers, I would keep an eye on them. They should be very nurturing mothers.

After calving, we will be breeding them with a Limousine Bull, will that be a good breed to breed these heifers too?

The cross makes a good feeder steer. I would carefully select heifers for their milking ability if I planned to keep the TA X Limo calves for mother cows.

Do the first calf heifers milk good?

Again, that depends on her mother, but in general the breed is designed for milking. This is a good time to supplement heifers, so they will hold their flesh and rebreed as they continue to milk.

I have some Tarentaise cows and am very impressed with them, I have been thinking of crossing with shorthorns instead of black angus. Do you have any thoughts or experience with this?

The Shorthorn cross will give you some fantastic Xbred calves.   You'll have some problems with color variation.

If I was to cross with Angus, I would stay with Red color therefore, Red Angus.

My first recommendation would be to use a very good quality Tarentaise bull paying close attention to performance and conformation.

No matter what breeding choices you make, choose the best quality bull you can afford.

How does this breed do with calving ease? What are the most common birth weights?

The calves birth weights range from the lower 70's to the high 80's dependent on sire.  Average BW=78 lbs.

What might a person expect the avg. 205 day weight to be on calves sired by your breed?

Our avg. 205 day wts= 550-600 lbs.

Are your bulls sold semen tested?

Our bulls are sold as sound breeders and will semen check upon request.

Is your breed gentle and would you advise me on how your local markets respond to feeder calves of this breed?

Disposition, on a breed average would be moderate.  In the sale ring or at the feedlot, Tarentaise have had very good buyer acceptance