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Bulls for Sale

LIMITED OFFER! Two herd bulls. 3 and 2 1/2 years old. Tested and ready to go!

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Heifers for Sale

UPDATED March 15, 2014!

Check out our sale heifers!

We wean in the spring and in the fall as we have two calving seasons. Tarentaise heifers are spectacular and sell quickly. Speak for your's today!
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Tarentaise cattle are known for their black eyes, nose, hooves and tails.

A great maternal breed that brings a more refined bone structure, smoother muscles and a picture perfect udder.

Hay Crop

The spring and early summer was wet and cool. When the hay was ready, it was all ready.

Our crew and a hired crew made swift work of the job. We are glad our winter supply for the cows.

Fence-line Weaning Story

Fence-line Weaning

Several years ago we switched from weaning in a solid piped corral: calves far away from their mothers; to fence-line weaning: cows on one side, calves on the other.
...click here to compare and contrast the two styles. Read what a difference fence-line weaning makes.

Weather on the Ranch

Now that we've got your attention!

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Moving the Mommas

Getting the spring calving cows closer to the corrals so when they start calving we are in a position to watch over them and help if necessary.

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